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Blueberry Sod from

Downeast Maine


Bring the delight of wild blueberries to your landscapes​!
Ideal for borders, garden accents and groundcover

Hardy from zones 2-7

Weed-free, established plants

Available wholesale as sod or in gallon containers 

Delivery to New England nurseries and landscape contractors 

Competitive pricing

Why Use Low Bush Blueberries?
Great erosion control; ideal for waterfront protection

Spread by underground rhizomes; hardy in
all weather conditions

Beautiful in spring, summer, fall and winter

Attracts birds and pollinating bees

Delicious fruit in early summer

Instant groundcover and borders

Contact Us

About Us

Owned by Nick Nataluk, Blue Meadow Nursery manages 15 acres of established low bush blueberries in Mariaville, Maine.

Nick Nataluk has over 20 years experience as a landscape contractor and grower.  He holds a B.S. in Horticulture from the University of Maine and is the owner of Fieldstone Landscaping of Lovell, Maine.

Contact Nick for a quote and advice about using low bush blueberies in your customer's landscapes.  

Blueberry Sod is Hardy and Versatile
Great for rock walls, walkways, garden groundcover

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